Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent the donkeys?

For weddings, the starting price is $500. Final prices will vary depending on the location of your celebration and how many hours you want them for. If you have questions,, send us an email and ask!


For other celebrations, the cost starts at $300, (The price includes one donkey for parties, but if you rent two donkeys, there will be a $100 increase in the price. This applies to smaller celebrations, only.)

Sarah Goss

How far will you travel for my celebration?

We will travel about a fifty-mile radius from our location at Red Horse Ranch in Dripping Springs. Our price range varies depending on how far you are from us.


**For special circumstances, we will consider going outside of our fifty-mile radius. Inquire for details.

Do I need to make a deposit for the donkeys?

Yes. Deposits are $200 for a wedding and for other celebrations and will need to be made when you book us for your wedding; this is part of the booking completion.



Do you proivde/handle the alcohol?

WE DO NOT PROVIDE ANY ALCOHOL that the donkeys serve at your celebration. We will allow your bartenders to stock the baskets and will come back to the bartenders' table to have them refill. We will, however, handle the alcohol, as we are TABC certified.


**We prefer bartenders DON'T follow us and pass out alcohol. The guests are expected to serve themselves. We are TABC certified, just in case.

Are your donkeys friendly enough to pet?

Of course! These donkeys have a very high respect for people and absolutely adore being loved on!

How do I make a reservation?

We're glad you asked! Contact us via email (, phone [(512)787-8355], or by using the Contact page two tabs away and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We request that you make your reservation right away so that we can officially book your spot. 

Can we ride the donkeys?

NO. The donkeys can only hold up to fifty pounds, and they are very small! Their bodies can only hold 20% of their weight... It'd be like carrying two people around on your back!!

Do you do kids' parties?

Why, yes, we do! That branch of our business is still developing under the name Ears With Cheers!


**We insist that rowdy exercises and activities will NOT be performed around the donkeys, as it can spook them.